Early Career Researcher Workshops

The MCI Early Career Researcher workshops were initiated in 2019 by MCI postdoctoral researcher, Dr Tao Wang. The overall aim of these talks is to provide an informal, multidisciplinary forum to enable constructive feedback for early-career scholars studying Greater China. The talks not only provide speakers with a valuable platform to review ongoing research with peers and seniors, but also an opportunity to practice presenting for conferences or job openings. Each event comprises a thirty-minute presentation from the speaker and a subsequent Q&A session, with a tailored audience.  

Early Career Researchers

The talks are held in-person at regular intervals at the Manchester China Institute Building (178 Waterloo Place) and the MCI has an open invitation for all PhDs, postdocs, and lecturers from the Humanities to present their research related to the Chinese-speaking world. If you are interested to participate, please send an email to mci@manchester.ac.uk indicating your presentation topic and availability.

Recent ECR talks at the MCI

Thu, 25 May 2023

"How is e-commerce exploited and harnessed to foster rural revitalisation in China? Evidence from less developed rural West China"

Yitian Ren, PhD Candidate in Planning and Environmental Management, Manchester Urban Institute

Thu, 11 May 2023

"From Beijing to Amur – A four-border sphere in literature of exiles in Qing Northeast China"

 Tianshu Liu, Doctoral Researcher in Human Geography, University of Manchester

Thu, 20 April 2023

"Governance as Translation: A Case Study on the Governance of Dulongjiang Township"

Dr Tong Wu, Lecturer, Southwest Forestry University & Ye Tian, PhD Candidate in Translation Studies, Queen’s University Belfast; MCI Visiting Scholar

 8th February 2023

"Between Official and Vernacular Memory: Mediated Remembering of Han Migration to Xinjiang"

Dr Jin Dai, PhD in Media & Memory Studies, Loughborough University; MCI Visiting Scholar

8th December

"China and Liberal Norms of Human Protection"

Qiaochu Zhang, PhD candidate in Politics at the University of Manchester

1st December 2022

"The Chinese Christian Community in Britain: Spirituality, Unity & Division"

Yinxuan Huang, the British and Foreign Bible Society

10th November 2022

"How do Chinese students apply for UK universities?"

Ying Yang, PhD candidate in Education, University of Manchester

7th June 2022

“Easter in Faraway China”: Orthodox Religious Celebrations and Chinese Orthodox Network Formation, 1900-1917

Anastasiia Akulich, PhD in History, University of Manchester

17th May 2022

"Shiminhua: The Urbanisation of China’s Rural-Urban Migrants"

Joseph Hongsheng Zhao, PhD candidate in Land Economy, University of Cambridge

28th April 2022

“It looked so attractive, and I couldn’t resist”: Porn-Watching Experiences Amongst Chinese Youth

Chong Liu, PhD candidate in Sociology, University of Leeds

15th March 2022

Do pay gaps between executives at different career stages shape firm performance? Evidence from China

Chang Yang, Post-doctoral Fellow in Accounting, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

8th February 2022

China’s Nascent Crime Victims’ Movement: A Study on the Parents of Missing Children

Haiyun Zhao, PhD candidate in Criminology, University of Oxford

9th December 2021

Spatial Order and Imagination in Hong Kong’s Umbrella and Anti-Extradition Bill Movements

Leon Nelson Kunz, PhD in Politics, SOAS University of London

12th November 2021

UK-China Relations: The Role of British MPs in China Policy Making

Mark Logan, PhD candidate in Politics, University of Manchester

21st October 2021

Pyrodrama in Manchester's Belle Vue Zoological Gardens and Changing Depictions of China

Tracey May Boyce, PhD candidate in History, Manchester Metropolitan University

Past Manchester China Institute events

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