MCI Director interviewed on US-China trade war by BBCWorld

18 September 2018

MCI Director and Lee Kai Hung Chair Prof Peter Gries has been interviewed by BBCWorld on US-China trade war

As the USA escalates its trade war with China, on Tuesday 18th September MCI Director Peter Gries was hosted on Impact-BBCWorld to talk about the potential impact of new tariffs on Chinese exports. 

Peter's argument is that although China does engage in unfair economic practices, Trump’s trade war is a reflection of unilateralist and militarist trends within American conservatism, and the CCP is not likely to give in, as its legitimacy rests on anti-Western nationalism.

He concluded that, with no resolution in sight, US consumers, not the Chinese Government, are likely to pay higher prices for a variety of goods. 

Watch the full interview at this link.

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