2020 UK-China International Photography Competition

The second annual competition theme was, 'What does family mean to you?'

The theme was set as 'What Does Family Mean to You', with the competition running from March to May 2020. All thirty fantastic finalists were exhibited in IPF gallery in Chengdu, China, for the entirety of June 2020. 

The closing ceremony took place on June 28 at IPF gallery where the three overall winners were revealed.



Competition winners

Best photo taken in China: Xing Luo 罗星

Xing Luo photograph - ‘The Days We Cannot Go Out'.

‘The Days We Cannot Go Out'

(click on the image to view the full-sized photograph).

"We haven’t been outside of our residential area for 40 days during the pandemic."


Best photo taken in the UK: Sarah Zheng

Sarah Zheng photograph - parents working from home with young twins

'Together under the New Normality'

(click on the image to view the full-sized photograph).

"A family selfie taken by an AppleWatch, captured a snapshot of our family lockdown life - both parents were working from home on a Friday while our 4-year-old twins were entertaining themselves."

AppleWatch的家庭自拍照,捕捉了我们家庭锁定生活的快照。 当我们4岁的双胞胎在娱乐时,父母双方都在星期五在家工作。

People's choice award: Yourong Li 李犹荣

Yourong Li photograph - smiling grandparents

'Hand in hand'

(click on the image to view the full-sized photograph).

"The photographer is the author's own grandparents, grandparents love each other, mutual support. For children to establish a correct and good family concept, in the author's view, this is the meaning of the family."


Competition shortlist

Our three winners had stiff competition! View the 2020 shortlist photograph gallery.

More about the 2020 competition



  • Any person resident in the UK or in China could participate in the 2020 competition.
  • One submission per participant.


  • Top 30 photos selected as finalists were printed and exhibited at IPF Gallery, Chengdu, with an awards ceremony on Sunday, 28 June 2020.


  • Best UK Submission: £1,000 + photo book of the competition
  • Best China Submission: RMB8,888 + photo book of the competition
  • People’s Choice: £500


Submissions were independently assessed by the judges below against the following criteria: 

  • Concept: how effective is the submission in capturing the essence of family?
  • Creativity: does the submission capture the essence of family in a unique and surprising way?
  • Composition: how technically competent is the submission? Have composition, lighting, contrast and mood been considered?

Judging panel

Submissions were judged by the following panel:

  • Dr Rupert Cox, Professor of Social Anthropology at The University of Manchester
  • Zoe Dunbar, Director, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
  • Dr Ros Holmes, Presidential Academic Fellow in the History of Chinese Art
  • Dr Ian Scott, Senior Lecturer in American Studies at The University of Manchester
  • Dr Michael Wood, Historian, Broadcaster, Professor of Public History at The University of Manchester