2021 UK-China International Photography Competition

The third annual competition theme was 'What does caring mean to you?'.

The theme was set as 'What Does Caring Mean to You', with the competition running from March to May 2021.

The 30 shortlisted photographs are exhibited at the Wuhan Tiandi Horizon, China, where the awards ceremony took place on 10 June 2021.


Best photo taken in China: Zhang Hongwei (张洪卫)

A snapshot of life in rural Yunnan showing a wife ably trimming her husband’s toenails.

'Caring Between the Old Couple'

Best China submission winning photo by Zhang Hongwei (张洪卫).

 In Zhandatun Village, located in the city of Qujing, Yunnan Province, an elderly couple sat in front of their home.

The wife was helping her husband trim his toenails.

Best photo taken in the UK: Ruthie Clegg

A woman in scrubs looking through a circular window.

'What Does Caring Mean to Me?'

Best UK submission winning photo by Ruthie Clegg.

The photograph was taken by Ruthie, an NHS worker, in a hospital at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

"Looking after your team was often through a window, with minimal staff on the other side and a swift thumbs up or down to indicate our feelings. Writing on cardboard or paper became the norm, judging people by the emotion in their eyes through high-level PPE3 was difficult but became a part of our everyday communication. Saying goodbye to patients on behalf of their loved ones, heart-wrenching. Daily trauma, daily ups and downs standing by your work family through every tempestuous emotion. Looking through the window is a path for the eye, a path to hope."

People's choice award: Bixin Chen (陈碧鑫)

A girl helping an elderly couple

'Caring for the left-behind elderly'

(click on the image to view the full-sized photograph).

Volunteers carry rice and oil to the left-behind elderly in Xinchu Village, Xinxing Town, Songyang County, Zhejiang Province, China, in 2021.