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MCI hosts lunchtime seminars, early career researcher [ECR] workshops, book launches, and informal salons.

The University of Manchester is committed to academic independence and the freedom of speech. Following GDPR, recording events without the written consent of all participants is prohibited.

MCI events are usually held in the Lee Kai Hung Building at 178 Waterloo Place, a historic building on Oxford Road just north of the Manchester Museum. Due to COVID-19, the majority of events in 2021 will be held online. 

Watch recordings of previous events via the MCI YouTube Channel, and join our mailing list to receive news about MCI events and activities:

Upcoming events

Ian Johnson - Digital dissent: How grassroots historians are challenging the Chinese Communist Party’s version of the past—and its right to rule

12:30 - 13:30 12 October 2021

At a time when many in the West are convinced that China has perfected the art of dictatorship, a growing number of writers, artists, bloggers, and filmmakers are challenging the Chinese Communist Party on its most sensitive turf: its control of history. These grassroots historians are using digital technologies to document the party's misstep..

Kirk Denton - The Politics of Museums in China and Taiwan

12:30 - 13:30 19 October 2021

Author and Professor of Chinese literature, Kirk Denton, will be examining the politics involved with China and Taiwan's museums, and the narratives that they propagate. The talk will begin with an overview of some of the key points of his book, "Exhibiting the Past", with attention to museum types and their particular political functions in..

Tracey Boyce - Pyrodrama in Manchester's Belle Vue Zoological Gardens and Changing Depictions of China

12:30 - 13:30 21 October 2021

[EARLY CAREER RESEARCHER EVENT] Three nights a week during the summer, for over one hundred years, the skies above Belle Vue Zoological Gardens in Gorton, Manchester, exploded with spectacular pyrotechnics. They accompanied dramas set against the backdrop of massive paintings, 300 foot wide and 60 foot high, depicting foreign cultures and imp..

Johannes Lotze - Qing: China’s Multilingual Empire

12:30 - 13:30 02 November 2021

Dr. Johannes Lotze, post-doctoral fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be introducing Qing-dynasty books that reflect the diversity of the empire, revealing global connections made through trade, diplomacy, and exchange. This online talk will mark the launch of a Qing: China's multilingual empire exhibition at The John Rylands R..

Katja Levy & Annette Zimmer - “With a Little Help from my Friends”, Nonprofits Providing Social Services in China and Germany

12:30 - 13:30 09 November 2021

[BOOK LAUNCH EVENT] To mark the publication of their selected research results, Annette Zimmer and Katja Levy present an exciting German-Chinese research project on NGOs who, in cooperation with the government, provide services for migrants in the two countries. Taking a public policy perspective, the three project teams explored how local..

Rian Thum - China, Xinjiang, and the Uyghurs

12:30 - 13:30 16 November 2021

Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies, Rian Thum will be exploring the interpenetration of China and the Muslim World in this online talk.

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