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MCI hosts a variety of research talks about China, both in-person here in Manchester and as webinars with a global reach. Most events are free and open to the public.

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The University of Manchester is committed to academic independence and the freedom of speech. The views speakers present are entirely their own, and do not represent those of the University of Manchester or the Manchester China Institute and its directors. Recording events without the written consent of all participants is prohibited. However, you can watch recordings of past events on the MCI YouTube Channel. If you would like to receive news about future MCI events and activities, please email:

Upcoming events

DR IBRAR BHATT & HENG WANG: A Semiotics of Muslimness in China

17:00 - 18:30 20 February 2024

In this in-person talk, Dr Ibrar Bhatt and Heng Wang explore the semiotic heritage of Sino-Muslim communities in China. In this presentation, we [the speakers] delve into the intricate connections between the literacies of religious practice, food heritage, and artistic expression within Sino-Muslim communities in China. Drawing from a compre..

DR XUELEI HUANG: Scents of China [Book Launch]

17:00 - 18:30 27 February 2024

In this talk, Dr Xuelei Huang discusses her latest book - "Scents of China: Scents of China: A Modern History of Smell". In this vivid and highly original reading of recent Chinese history, Xuelei Huang documents the eclectic array of smells that permeated Chinese life from the High Qing through to the Mao period. Utilising interdisciplinary..

PROF TIMOTHY BROOK: The Price of Collapse [Book Launch]

17:00 - 18:30 12 March 2024

In this Zoom webinar, Prof Tim Brook discusses his latest book - "The Price of Collapse: The Little Ice Age and the Fall of Ming China". In 1644, after close to three centuries of relative stability and prosperity, the Ming dynasty collapsed. Many historians attribute its demise to the Manchu invasion of China, but the truth is far more profo..

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