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The University of Manchester

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View the University of Manchester Library's subject guide for Chinese studies or explore the links to specific resources below.

The lists below are a collection of resources that the University Library provides to help our researchers identify key information in all the areas of China Studies.

Full text subscribed databases in Chinese for China studies

Full text subscribed databases in English for China studies

UoM Chinese Special Collection

The UoM Library’s Special Collections provide a rich resource for China Studies. The Library’s printed, manuscript and archival collections are of particular value to Chinese Studies.

The Library’s Chinese and China-related collections encompass a remarkable diversity of material, documenting five centuries of Chinese history and culture.

For advice on these resources, contact Zhang Ruili, Academic Engagement Librarian in Chinese Studies at or +44 (0) 161 306 1886 / 0161 306 4930.

Free online Chinese language resources

Non-digitised Chinese language resources will also be made available.

National Taiwan University

Five databases, available in either Chinese or Japanese:

  1. 館藏南方資料影像系統 = NTL collection of data image systems for Southern Archives
  2. 館藏舊籍日本文獻影像系統 = NTL Collection of Data Image System for traditional Japanese Materials
  3. 館藏古文書影像系統 = NTL Collection of Data image system for Gu Wen Shu
  4. 日治時期圖書影像系統 = Image system for books of Japanese-ruled period
  5. 日治時期期刊影像系統= Image system for periodicals of the Japanese-ruled period

Disaster History is an online bilingual resource bringing leading academic research on manmade and natural disaster in Chinese history to the general public.

Oxford and Bodleian and China Centre Libraries

British Library

Chinese Language Collections (an un-curated trove of Hong Kong materials)

The British Library
96 Euston Road

Contact the Chinese Collections Curator, Emma Goodliffe:

Needham Research Institute, Cambridge

East Asian History of Science Library

8 Sylvester Road

Contact the Librarian, John Moffett:

Berlin State Library

  • Crossasia (State Library Berlin resources and catalogues)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong | 香港中文大学

Universities Service Centre for China Studies | 中国研究服务中心

Contact the Assistant Director, Gao Qi: