UK-China International Photography Competition 中英国际摄影大赛

Using photography to transcend cultural divides, reveal our common humanity, and promote mutual understanding in UK-China relations.


The Manchester China Institute (MCI) launched its inaugural amateur UK-China International Photography Competition in 2019, in partnership with Creative Manchester. The annual contest is now supported by the School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures (SALC) of the University of Manchester and the Manchester Museum.

2023 Competition

This year's competition theme was "Family Treasures" ("传家宝") and ran until April 13, 2023. 

The 2023 competition is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered and made this year's contest so special.

The 2023 UK-China Photo Exhibition was on display at Alliance Manchester Business School between throughout May 2023. The top 30 finalists and winning entries were unveiled at the exhibition launch, while the People's Choice Award was assigned through public votes, both in-person at the exhibition launch and via social media.

How to Enter

Do you own an object with a special personal meaning? Is there something with a unique story lying around your home? Do you possess something that has passed through the generations? Has someone taught you a valued skill or talent? Whatever 'treasure' means to you, try to capture that essence in your photograph, and tell its story. 

Use a smartphone camera (no professional photography) to capture your object and email your photograph to us. Your image must include a person(s) as well as address the theme. Your submission should feature a title of no more than 10 English words or 30 Chinese characters and a caption of no more than 50 words/75 characters.

Preference will be given to photographs that are not digitally edited. However, colour photos converted to black and white are fine. 

The accompanying caption is an opportunity to explain the nature/origin of 'treasure', so make the most of these 50 words. 

Judging Criteria

  • Concept: Does the submission capture the theme well, in both the image and accompanying caption? 
  • Creativity: Does the submission capture the essence of the theme in a unique and surprising way?
  • Composition: How technically competent is the submission? Have composition, lighting, contrast, and mood been considered?

This is not a professional photography competition. Digital editing of smartphone photos should be kept to an absolute minimum. The emotional impact of the photo will outweigh its technical quality.


International Photography Competition Prizes - English banner

By entering, participants agree that their submissions can be used for marketing and/or communications purposes. If under 16, please mention this in your emailed submission. 

Previous Competitions

'Home' was the subject of the 2022 competition. The UK and China winners were announced at the exhibition opening ceremony on 30 May 2022 alongside the unveiling of the Top 30.

View the results of the 20192020 and 2021 competitions.

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