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Manchester China Institute 曼彻斯特中国研究院

Mission | 使命

Find out about the institute's ambitions and watch a short video in English or Mandarin.

UK and China flags blowing in the wind
  • Manchester China Institute (MCI) promotes greater understanding of China and globalisation in the modern world. 

  • MCI acts as a focal point at the University of Manchester for people interested in UK-China relations and China in general. We provide a venue where ideas and projects can be shared and developed.

  • MCI brings together experts from across the University of Manchester, enabling multidisciplinary collaborations spanning the arts, humanities, sciences, and health.
Prof Peter Gries

Our vision is to create a truly multidisciplinary institute studying China today, with a focus on globalisation and international affairs. The Institute's mission will be to better understand China's expanding role in a rapidly globalising world, and to promote mutual understanding between the UK and China. We're able to embark on this thanks to the foresight and generosity of Dr Lee.

Prof Peter Gries / The Manchester China Institute Director

Q&A with Peter Gries, Director of the Manchester China Institute

Prof Peter Hays Gries spoke to the Confucius Institute about the new Manchester China Institute:

Questions and answers with Peter Gries

  1. You are tasked by The University of Manchester to set up a China Institute. Have you got a name for it and what do you hope to achieve with the Institute?

    The mission of the new Manchester China Institute will be to promote a mutual understanding in UK-China relations. A "Lee Kai Hung Chinese Culture Gallery" will also open at Manchester Museum, the largest university museum in the UK with over 450,000 visitors a year. The Gallery will seek to foster greater awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the diversity of Chinese culture. It will also provide cultural opportunities for local communities of Chinese heritage.

  2. What contact have you made with the Chinese community in Manchester and in your view, how can the community become more vocal and active politically and socially in the region?

    I have met Consul General of the People's Republic of China to Manchester Sun Dali twice and, thanks to Gerry Yeung, I have met quite a few members of the local BBC and Chinese communities. I look forward to working with the local Chinese community to support their efforts to be represented and heard in our shared community.

  3. What are your impressions of Manchester to date and what are your favourite restaurants?

    I love the diversity and cosmopolitanism of Manchester. My favourite restaurant so far, and by far, is Yang Sing Cathay.

Watch a short film (English)

Pete Gries discusses the launch of the Manchester China Institute. This Youtube video playlist includes a two minute introduction and an eight minute extended discussion:


    Watch a short film (Chinese)

    Pete Gries discusses the launch of the Manchester China Institute in Mandarin. This video provides a five minute introduction to the new institute: