Funding | 奖学金及研究基金

China Travel Fund

Honorary Graduate of the University of Manchester, Dr Lee Kai Hung has generously donated £100,000 to match other charitable gifts, creating a fund to support students and staff who wish to fly to the Chinese speaking world to study languages spoken in China, or conduct research about China or its Chinese language speaking neighbors.

Student scholarships

A Chinese student with a backpack walking in Beijing

The Manchester China Institute provides small scholarships for students at The University of Manchester to fly to the Chinese speaking world to study languages spoken there.

Faculty research grants

MCI provides small travel grants for academic staff at The University of Manchester who need to fly to the Chinese speaking world to conduct research in China studies.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for an MCI China Travel Scholarship or Grant, please fill out this form and email it together with a one page CV to with the subject line, ‘MCI China Travel Fund application'.

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis beginning Monday, 16 March, 2020. 

Pagoda Projects Entrepreneurship Programme (Taipei)

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MCI has partnered with Pagoda Projects to enable China Travel Fund applicants to also apply for a two-week entrepreneurship programme in Taipei.

The Entrepreneurship in Asia's Silicon Valley programme consists of a guided group project focusing on entrepreneurship, start-ups, and innovation in the Asian context. Participants will develop their capabilities through a series of guided events and workshops and will have a chance to directly interact with Start-up founders.

Other funding sources