UK-China International Photography Competition 中英国际摄影大赛

Photography can reveal our common humanity, promoting mutual understanding in UK-China relations.

In partnership with Creative Manchester, the Manchester China Institute launched its inaugural UK-China International Photography Competition in 2019. The competition is now in its third year.

View the results of the 2019 and 2020 competitions.

2021 Competition (2021年中英国际摄影大赛)

What Does Caring Mean to You?

The window for submissions closed on Tuesday, 11 May 2021. A big thanks to everyone who submitted an entry this year! 


The top 30 photos selected by the judging panel are currently being exhibited at Wuhan Tiandi Centre from 10-30 June 2021. The voting for the People’s Choice Award is now open. You can cast your vote here by simply 'liking' your favourite submission. The winner will be revealed at the closing of the exhibition on June 30 and awarded £500.

The main UK and China Winners were announced at the exhibition launch on June 10. Congratulations to Ruthie Clegg and Zhang Hongwei, who will both receive £100. 

Best photo taken in China: Zhang Hongwei (张洪卫)

A snapshot of life in rural Yunnan showing a wife ably trimming her husband’s toenails.

'Caring Between the Old Couple'

Best China Submission winning photo by Zhang Hongwei (张洪卫)

A snapshot of life in rural Yunnan showing a wife ably trimming her husband’s toenails.

Best photo taken in the UK: Ruthie Clegg

A woman in scrubs looking through a circular window.

'What Does Caring Mean to Me?'

Best UK Submission winning photo by Ruthie Clegg

A photograph taken by Ruthie, an NHS worker, in a hospital at the height of the pandemic.


Use your smartphone camera (no professional photography) to capture a moment that you associate with caring, and email it to us, along with your caption.

Preference will be given to photographs that are not digitally edited. Colour photos converted to black and white are fine, however.

Any person resident in the UK or in China may participate. Their photo should have been taken over the past year in either the UK or China.


Submissions will be judged on their concept, creativity, and composition:

  • Concept: How effective is the submission in capturing the essence of caring for other people?
  • Creativity: Does the submission capture the essence of caring for others in a unique and surprising way?
  • Composition: How technically competent is the submission? Have composition, lighting, contrast, and mood been considered?

This is not a professional photography competition. Digital editing of smartphone photos should be kept to a minimum. The emotional impact of the photo will outweigh its technical quality.

Judging panel