Manchester-China Friendship Programme

Enhancing cultural understanding and forging friendships across borders.

A group photograph of participants of the Friendship Programme.

The Manchester China Institute (MCI) has teamed up with the Manchester China Forum (MCF) and UoM’s International Office to help integrate new Chinese students into campus life, while simultaneously enriching the campus experience for local students.

The Manchester-China Friendship Programme (MCFP) seeks to develop mutual understanding and friendships between British and Chinese students from the University of Manchester, particularly important at a time when anti-Asian prejudice, discrimination, and aggression has increased in the UK and around the world. Integration is at the heart of the programme, as we hope to address the long-standing issue of hostility and racially targeted violence faced by Chinese student communities on western campuses.

The scheme offers several exciting intercultural activities throughout the academic year to develop positive interactions between UK-based "host" students and newly arrived Chinese freshers. MCFP participants explore Manchester's heritage sites, discover foreign cultural celebrations, share traditional dishes, try out new sports, and get together for socials. Through the prism of Sino-British cultural exchanges, UoM British and Chinese students can better understand each other's backgrounds, learn from one another, and promote an inclusive campus environment for all.

2022/2023 Programme

For the upcoming year, the MCFP has not only expanded in size but also in its planned activities, which this year include an excursion to the Lake District and tickets to musical and sporting events. In addition, the MCFP will feature a range of practical workshops, where students can polish their resumes and improve overall employability prospects. Through this prism of Sino-British cultural exchange, Chinese and British students can better understand each other's cultural backgrounds, learn from one another, and promote the positive development of UK-China relations.

If you wish to find out more or want to join the 2023/2024 programme, please send an email to

MCI's Lorelei Baciu discusses the MCFP with Senior Host, Tianrui Liu

MCFP是由曼彻斯特英中协会和曼彻斯特中国研究院共同搭 的学生文化交流平台,旨在“加强中外学生交流,促进多元文化教育”,帮助国际学生更好地融入当地社区与文化,树立本地学生和国际学生彼此之间文相互理解的意识,更好地促进中英双方年轻一代的相互了解。

自2021年成立以来,MCFP携手中英两方学子,创办了一系列丰富多彩的活动。从徒步曼城,体验城市风情,到参观John Rylands博物馆,享受文化洗礼;从共度圣诞,到欢庆春节…在每个充满中西方文化色彩的节日里,MCFP都与中英学生一同留下的欢乐的足迹。初来曼城的中国新生能在经验丰富的本地学生的带领下,快速结识新友,更好地融入曼城生活,找到自己的归属感。


MCFP 2021/2022 Highlights