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MCI hosts lunchtime seminars, early career researcher [ECR] workshops, book launches, and informal salons.

The University of Manchester is committed to academic independence and the freedom of speech. Following GDPR, recording events without the written consent of all participants is prohibited.

MCI events are usually held in the Lee Kai Hung Building at 178 Waterloo Place, a historic building on Oxford Road just north of the Manchester Museum. Due to COVID-19, however, all Spring 2021 events will be held as webinars. 

Watch recordings of previous events via the MCI YouTube Channel, and join our mailing list to receive news about MCI events and activities:

Upcoming events

Yan Wang Preston - Yangtze: The Mythical Mother River of China

12:30 - 13:30 27 April 2021

This talk is held in conjunction with Manchester Museum. In this talk the award-winning British-Chinese artist, Dr Yan Wang Preston, will present her long-term photographic project Mother River (2011-2014), for which she photographed the entire 6,211km Yangtze River in China at precise 100km intervals on a large-format film camera. Dr Preston..

Internet Celebrity Urbanism: Wanghong Culture and Chinese Urban Aesthetics [Roundtable Discussion]

12:30 - 13:30 04 May 2021

How do aesthetics influence urbanism and consumption in Chinese cities? And how should we understand what has been called the 'internet celebrity city' (wanghong chengshi) and 'internet celebrity' aesthetics in contemporary urbanism? To consider these issues, Dr Amy Yueming Zhang will discuss how an aesthetic of arts districts is constructed,..

Hannah Theaker - No Mere Soldiers: Gansu's Republican-era Muslim 'Warlords' as Politicians, 1911-1932

12:30 - 13:30 11 May 2021

The Ma Family Muslim leaders who dominated northwestern Chinese politics through the early Republican era have unenviable reputations: classed as 'warlords', they are most often described as conservative strongmen, opposed to all things modern and determined to hold onto power for them and theirs at all costs. This paper joins recent revisioni..

Tao Wang [ECR] - How does Guanxi shape democracy? A case study using evidence from Taiwan

12:30 - 13:30 13 May 2021

Political scientists have produced a voluminous amount of literature on the subject of 'guanxi', the Chinese term for particularistic ties. Much of the work has focused on its role in an authoritarian context, such as the impact of guanxi on China’s economic growth, cadre promotion, and reciprocation. But how does guanxi influence democracy?..

Masculinities in China and Chinese Masculinities: Roundtable Discussion

12:30 - 13:30 18 May 2021

In this discussion-focused event, the MCI has invited speakers Dr Xiaodong Lin (University of York) and Dr Magdalena Wong (Independent scholar), as well as discussant Dr Derek Hird (Lancaster University) to talk about evolving Chinese masculinities. The speakers will first share opening statements and thoughts on contemporary Chinese masculini..

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