2023 UK-China International Photography Competition

The fifth annual competition theme was 'Family Treasures'.

The 2023 theme was 'Family Treasures’ (传家宝), with the competition running from February 2023 to April 2023.

The 30 shortlisted photographs were exhibited for a month in the foyer of the Alliance Manchester Business School, where the awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, 3 May 2023.



Best photo taken in China: Zhou Zheng

The Kitchen Mother is our family treasure!

'Kitchen Mother' | 灶台 母亲

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The winning China-based submission was taken by Zhou Zheng (周琤).

 The Kitchen Mother is our family treasure!

灶台 灶台边的母亲就是我们的家中宝!

Best photo taken in the UK: Corina Andrisan

Art is My Treasure

'Art is My Treasure' | 艺术是我的宝贝

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The winning UK-based submission was taken by Corina Andrisan.

Life with an autoimmune illness is tough. Understandably, some people lose all hope within seconds from diagnosis. Rediscovering art has kept my spirit alive for the past 15 years, even though I am stuck in a wheelchair. My paintings are now my family’s treasures, filling the walls of our home.


People's choice award: Huang Bingyao

Grandpa’s Hookah

'Grandpa’s Hookah' | 爷爷的水烟筒

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The winning People’s Choice submission was taken by Huang Bingyao (黄炳耀).

Hookah is part of China's intangible cultural heritage. My 90-year-old grandpa is sitting at the door leisurely smoking with our family treasure - Yunnan hookah. He was helping the government build a road in the 1940s. At that time, he was only given a kilogram of tobacco as payment. Grandpa made this pipe with his own hands.


Runners Up: Kaz and Olivia Parsonage

  • China Runner-up: Kaz with ‘Hair Shave’
  • UK Runner-up: Olivia Parsonage with ‘Maika’s Ba’s Hat’
Runners Up - Kaz and Olivia Parsonage

UPCOMING: An online collection for the top 30 finalists of the 2023 UK-China Photography Competition will soon be posted on MCI’s website.