Faculty research

A group of people at a Faculty talk session

MCI provides small travel grants for academic staff at The University of Manchester who need to fly to the Chinese-speaking world to conduct research in China studies, and for early career researchers from the Chinese speaking world to come to Manchester.

It also seeks to fund faculty research activity producing at least one specific outcome, such as a research proposal, a new research network, a research impact event, a working paper, or a report or journal article.

Funds can be used to host events, and to purchase academic resources like books and databases, as well as for travel to libraries and other sites of academic research.

How to apply

Please fill out this form and email it together with a one-page CV to mci@manchester.ac.uk with the subject line, ‘MCI faculty research'. The deadline is the Friday, 3 May 2024.

2023/24 awardees

In this academic year, we are delighted to offer faculty research grants to academic staff and ECRs from the University of Manchester that are flying to the Chinese-speaking world to conduct research in Chinese Studies.

Chengzhi Zhang

Chengzhi Zhang

Chengzhi is currently a doctoral research student at the Department of Politics, The University of Manchester.

His research project is primarily focused on the lived experience and identity formation of the second generation of immigrants to China, which is a fast-growing but underexplored group resulting from China’s Opening Up movement.

Chengzhi is currently also one of the convenors of the Early Career Researcher (ECR) workshop at Manchester China Institute, and a member of British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS).